Featherlight Gauntlet

A nearly weightless piece of armor


This is a right-handed plate-mail gauntlet made of iron. It provides Armor 7 to the right arm location. It has an encumbrance rating of 0. All other properties are as normal of armor of this type. For physics purposes, it has mass of roughly 1/10th what would be expected for the materials it is made out of.


This is a iron plate-mail gauntlet which glows with a soft white light. The surface of the iron is painted with black lines in a geometric pattern. The magic, when examined with spells like Witchsight, appears to be associated with the Air Rune.

The gauntlet was found in a cave between the town of Deepmoss and the lands of Baron Cow. It was among various debris and loot in a nest of giant scorpions. Currently, it is owned and worn by Toseto.

Featherlight Gauntlet

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