Berengar Cicurinus

Bartender, occasional guard. Getting caught up in this adventuring business.



STR 17
CON 14
SIZ 18
DEX 14
CHA 11

Standard Skills

Athletics 46
Boating 31
Brawn 65
Conceal 28
Customs 66
Dance 25
Deceit 29
Drive 43
Endurance 46
Evade 43
First Aid 27
Influence 40
Insight 49
Locale 41
Perception 37
Ride 23
Sing 20
Stealth 27
Swim 31
Willpower 33

Professional Skills

Commerce 34
Craft (Malt Beverage) 72
Streetwise 60
Craft (Food) 42
Literacy 26


Native Tongue 66


Love (Ysolde) 66
Exalt (Beer) 51
Protect (Shell-ra) 52

Magical Skills

Folk Magic 20

  • Cleanse
  • Brawn

Combat Styles

Shell-ra Civic Guard 65 (Weapons included: Club, Shield, Shortsword; Trait: Blind Fight)


Weapon Damage Size Reach AP/HP Effects ENC Range Load
Club 1d6+1d4 M S 4/4 Bash, Stun Location 1
Short Sword 1d6+1d4 M S 6/8 Bleed, Impale 1
Shield (Buckler 1d3+1d4 M S 6/9 Ranged Parry, Passive: 2 1


1 Full Suit Padded
1 Almost-full Suit Hide (did not have leg guards)


Berengar tends the bar known as the Collapsed Chariot. He’s become well-known as having some of the best beer in town, but unfortunately the only people that drink at the Collapsed Chariot are drunken sailors and other louts, leaving him without much of an audience. Generally a well-meaning and easy-going person. Unfortunately is not very good at impressing others socially, leading him to become a very quiet person, content to stand behind the bar and listen. This lead to him knowing a good number of people in town, if only by reputation. If you need a contact, talk to him.

Does not take kindly to those that threaten his bar or his people. Is liable to make his opinions known through the use of a good heave-ho out the door, or, in certain more-lethal cases, with the club and shortsword his guard days trained him so well in.

Currently harbors a rather persistent crush on Ysolde, one of the barmaids. Can’t bring himself to talk to her about it, though.

Has a small and somewhat shabby one-bedroom cottage a short distance away from the Collapsed Chariot, where he’s converted most of the great room into a home brewing setup, to further practice his craft. It’s homely enough if you don’t mind sitting on a barrel while you talk.

Berengar Cicurinus

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