Kekoa Kaimana (Doc)

Drunken sailor doctor from the costal Parn tribe


Background: I, Kekoa Kaimana, was born to a poor free-ranking Parn family on a western island of Runetali. My family was a well-regarded family of merchants whom had a knack with potions and healing. They were loving and responsible people, well respected by the locals. As the only child I shadowed my father, Kenoi Kaimana, in everything: from his daily routs peddling homemade salves and healing potions to nearby coastal communities to assisting in intesnsive surgery when necessary. My father learned all he knew from trial and his willingness and dedication to help those in need. I loved and looked up to my father, and learned to love and care for those in need. My relationship with my mother however was far more distant. A secretly selfish woman, she despised my father’s trade, as it kept my father and myself constantly out helping those in need, while ignoring the only needs that mattered to her: her own. She grew bitter and further distanced herself from us while cheating on my father behind his back. He continued to love her none the less, but I never understood. I never felt close to her, but grew even more bitter towards her after this. My father was my world, and so I learned his trade. All of this changed at the age of 14 during a business trip gone wrong.

We came across a distraught child begging us to help his father, whom was terribly Ill. We immediately followed him to his remote hut where his father stood motionless. His skin hard with a greyish hue and eyes glazed over. He was frozen solid, petrified into an agonized statue reliving his last terrified moment indefinitely. My father touched his face and put his ear to the mans chest, instructing me that he had been petrified. He explained that the only creature on the island capable of such a feat was a basilisk, and that the only cure for his father was to remove the basilisk’s head. The boy said he was setting the nets in the nearby creek all day, and had just found his father like this not but 2 hours before. He informed me we would camp for the night, then at dawn hunt down the basilisk. I was afraid, but was naïve and though my father could do anything. At dawn, we prepared our gear and headed north towards the heart of the island.

After half a days journey we entered a dank clearing pungent with rot, beset by a gaping cave on the eastern cliff-face. My hair stand on end, and we knew that we had found the layer of the beast. We heard the startling of still leaves and a low hiss unlike any I’d ever heard. It was almost playful. It seemed to echo with ferocity, impossible to detect from what direction the sound came from. I drew my dagger, my father his saber. He quietly instructed me to keep my head down and follow the sound of his footsteps, and if I heard it draw close to shut my eyes and keep them that way, no matter what happened. He snuck towards the mouth of the cave with great caution weapon drawn, and I in his footsteps. Then it happened. I the sensation of cold scales brushed my right leg up to my mid-thigh, and I caught the glimpse of the back of a great serpant from the corner of my eye. I froze, only remembering my father’s warning and clenching my eyes tight shut. I felt the creature rushing passed me directly towards my father. I opened my mouth to scream, to say anything to warn him of what was coming but nothing came out. I was mortified. Then I heard it. A swift rushing in the grass, the short-lived scream of a man, then abrupt silence. Deafening silence. My heart was beating out of my chest, the fear was overwhelming, but I could feel the eyes of the beast on me. I stood there frozen in place, eyes tight shut for what felt like an eternity. When darkness was approaching, I opened my eyes but the creature was not there. Only the silhouette of the man I loved in the sunset, skin as pale as ivory laying on his back, hand outstretched and eyes overcome with fear. At his side his family necklace lay, must have fallen off as he reacted to the sneak attack of the basilisk. I had let this happen, I could have done something, said anything to warn him of his impending doom. I grabbed my father’s necklace and ran. It took my villagers 5 days to find me in the wilds of our island.

After my father’s death, I was devastated. My source of support and love was gone, my hero was dead, and it was all my fault. I let my father down and couldn’t live up to the name my father gave me after all (the brave one). My mother was briefly stunned, showing minimal remorse for her loss. Whatever little love she still had for her husband, she turned to hate towards me as she blamed me for the loss of her husband. But of course, she put on the veil of devastation from the tragedy of losing her husband, keeping the image of a loving wife to the townsfolk. A week after Keoni’s funeral, my mother sold our hut and moved us in her lover in a nearby costal village on the mainland. The 2 were engaged within the week, but the suitor took as little of a liking to me like my mother. He viewed my lighter than the average Parn child skin tone as a sign of weakness, labeling me as a waste of space. The following morning before the wedding ceremony, I was woken by my mother and brought outside to meet ______, my new master. I had been sold to the ______, a nomadic tribe, as a slave.

I hated everything about the _____. They lived by horseback on the planes of the mainland, living off of the land with no contact with outsiders other than their yearly stocking up on provisions with the costal villages of the mainland. Due to my experience with my father, I was quickly found useful as an assistant healer to the men of the planes. Though I hated them, I couldn’t leave the needy unattended. I was with them until I hit the age of 15. The next season when the men of the planes returned to the coast to conduct their annual trade, I took the opportunity and snuck aboard “The Bloody Mary”, a general merchantile vessel but smugglers for the right price. The captain Jacopo found me stowed away in the hold, but kept me on as a crew member once he learned of my healing abilities. I was welcomed as an official member crew member of the Bloody Mary, and paid my way as the ship’s doctor. The crew found my name too hard to pronounce, so they began calling me ‘Doc’ for obvious reasons. I was introduced to rum, and I began to drink heavily as it was the only thing that numbed the pain and anger I felt inside.

Kekoa Kaimana (The Brave One)(Power of the Ocean)
Father: Keoni Kaimana (God is Gracious)
(Power of the Ocean)

-My father
-My monkey Ampersand
-Loyalty to crew
-Loyalty to the principals of my cult, the Acolytes of the Healing Hand

-Deathly afraid of snakes

More to come!

Kekoa Kaimana (Doc)

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